MELTRIC Plugs & Receptacles Utilize

Enclosed Arc Chambers

It's Impossible to Draw an Arc

Arc Chamber

Drawing an arc during plug removal is an inherent hazard with traditional pin & sleeve and twist-type devices. By contrast, Decontactor devices isolate the making and breaking of the contacts in an enclosed arc chamber. The plug contacts are deenergized and isolated from live parts within the enclosed arc chamber before the plug can be physically removed.

When the receptacle’s OFF button is pushed, its spring-loaded operating mechanism instantly opens the contacts to break the circuit and ejects the plug to its OFF position. The quick (15 milliseconds) breaking of the contacts minimizes arcing; any that does occur is safely contained within the arc chamber.

In the OFF position, the plug contacts are dead and are separated from live parts by a safe distance. Isolated and inaccessible to users, all contacts are fully contained within an enclosure formed by the plug’s skirted casing and the receptacle’s casing.

The rotation of the plug and closing of the safety shutter during plug removal ensures that potential arc paths are blocked before the plug can be removed. There is no possibility of drawing an arc.

Drawing an Arc is Possible with Pin & Sleeve Devices
Pin Sleeve disconnected Pin Sleeve hazard

Don't let this happen to you!