Customer Testimonials

Below are excerpts from some of the emails that we have received from satisfied customers. We have
done some minor editing including the removal of names.


The MELTRIC plugs and receptacles are installed in a dusty, dirty environment with a lot of vibration and we haven’t had a lick of a problem.

Electrical Engineer, Aggregate Processing Facility


I was very impressed with the ease of installing the wires in the plug body and receptacle due to the larger wiring shrouds compared to a standard twist lock device. I like the quality of the cord connectors also. I also like the dead front feature and the ease of installing the plug (no guessing on the prong alignment.) I will be specifying more of these devices in the future.

Electrical Engineer, Engineering Firm

The switched-rated receptacle and plug that we received from you worked great. It was easy to install and the customer was very happy with the fact that it deenergized when the plug was removed from the receptacle. The safety factor is a big plus. We will be purchasing more MELTRIC devices in the future. Great product!

Special Projects and Service Division Technician, Electrical Contractor

The product is excellent. It is a big step forward from the old-school Crouse-Hinds plugs. We use these connectors for process equipment quick-disconnects and for small generator projects. The non-metallic option is very helpful for process rooms. I like them for generator plugs as they aren’t an ANSI standard plug that someone might try to connect to with a camper or some other power-theft.

Electrical Engineer, Large Design Firm

The plug and receptacle are just perfect for the application, we are using them as a means to back feed residential and commercial facilities with power via portable emergency generators.

Electrical Engineer, Contractor

I placed an order for some MELTRIC components…… I am very pleased with the product and plan to
duplicate my order 26 more times in the very near future. Thanks!

Electrical and I&C Engineer, Systems Integrator

We have specified your product numerous times, as it is well suited for the rigors of an industrial environment.

Electrical Engineer, Engineering Consulting Firm

We have purchased approximately 100 MELTRIC devices in different forms and we are looking into
changing from twistlock to these. Thanks.

(Title unknown), Panelshop

I do see the benefit of your product and plan on setting up several panels for temporary power using
your company’s plugs and receptacles as my primary means of powering subpanels, making installations much safer and quicker as easy as adding the plug end to the feeder and plugging it in.

Electrician – Electrical Contractor

I recommended the purchase of 12 units by the prime contractor of the job we were performing….. He did purchase the units and we are very satisfied with them. I've been telling several electrical contractors around the area about them as well. It's a great product.

President, Systems Integrator

We are utilizing your switch rated plugs for well pumps that frequently require removal and cleaning.
They save a great deal of time when removing pumps and reinstalling while improving worker safety.

Senior Electrical Engineer, Environmental Engineering Firm


I like the product and really am impressed with the quality. We are going to incorporate your product
in our projects now and in the future. Actually we are installing a 3-ph 100 amp in the next two weeks.

Electrical Engineer, Casino


We have switched our two Kitchen areas to the MELTRIC Decontactor series. Most of them are
30 amp 480 volt receptacles although it is a mixed bag in those areas. I'm also using the multipin connectors. I am currently in the process of updating the next area and have several projects where
I've convinced the plant engineer that a move to MELTRIC would be in our best interest.

Approximately 50 units changed at this time. I plan to keep updating the plant with the MELTRIC line as I have found them to be extremely reliable, cost effective, easy to install and water resistant in one of the harshest environments I have ever worked in. If money was no object I'd have every connector we use changed.

It has been a pleasure using the MELTRIC product line and I highly recommend them.

Electrician, Food Manufacturer

I ended up purchasing over twenty five pair of the MELTRIC 30 amp version. The plant mechanics are very pleased about this. They feel so safe when they can actually see that the motor or whatever they are working on is physically disconnected. They put their lockoffs on and there is no way that the circuit can
be energized. Great product! Congratulations!

Electrical Contractor, Food Processing Plant

We have switched all of our welders to your product. I am working on our production staff to change over also.

Controls Engineer, Food Manufacturer

We are slated to start re-building our tag-a-longs next month and are going to use your product to replace the pin & sleeve devices we presently use. This will be a total of 7 male assemblies and 9 females. I also plan to replace all welding receps on an as needed basis in the future. I really like the design of MELTRICs switch rated assemblies.

Electrical Dept. Supervisor, Vegetable Farm

I am absolutely sold on these plugs, and recommend them for anyone that has backup pumps or motors
not hard-wired in. I also show them on our equipment installation drawings where appropriate.

We may be adding some manufacturing equipment in our small shop sometime in the near future, and
I will make sure that the electricians use these plugs when they wire in any new machines.

Sales Engineer, Systems Equipment Manufacturer– Meat Processing Industry

I have received positive responses from our brewers in the quality feel and percieved safety over our previous plug and receptacle. I was just about to order another set this week for another of our portable pumps.

Equipment Maintenance Technician, Brewing Company

We have purchased additional MELTRIC plugs and plan to purchase more, it is a very good design of product.

Plant Manager, Food Processing - Sausage


On the very first order, we purchased 10 Plugs and 10 connectors plus accessories. That is a great
product line. Thanks.

Division Elec Tech, Forest Products Company

If I were building a facility, your product would be mandatory.

Maintenance Operations Manager, Wood Products Manufacturing Facility

I've since purchased 2 more and shown them to numerous other electricians. So far they work great. Excellent product. Thank you,

Electrical-Automation Engineer, Paper Mill


We found out they (MELTRIC switch rated plugs and receptacles) are very handy and convenient to use.
We had ordered 6 30amp plugs and receptacles for now, we will order some more later.

Electrical Supervisor, Hospital


Thank You for helping us in decreasing our project cost and providing a safe and high quality product at much more competitive cost verses malleable materials. Your product also offers better stability of construction materials in chemical prone atmospheres.

Sr. Plant Leader, Power Generation Facility

The plugs are awesome, I am sure we will be purchasing more at our facilities within Reclamation. When asked, we will make sure to let them know of your product.

Engineering Manager, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

The product is one of the best on the market for its purpose. I have personally specified MELTRIC products in my Engineering profession and will continue to do so! I have demonstrated the sample plug that you brought for my fellow Electrical Engineers in our design section as well as the Electrical Engineers we have on our project site. Positive feedback all the way around. This is a product that will be installed in the future, at our project sites.

Electrical Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Yes, they are an excellent product! We have installed them on all eight submersible pumps at our wastewater plant and plan on purchasing additional ones for our lift stations. By using your product we no longer need to hire an electrician to remove the wires from the panel and pull the cables thru the conduit. Also the need to do lock out/tag out is no longer needed. Thanks for providing such a great product.

Superintendent, Wastewater Facility

We love the Meltric Plugs. We have 68 wastewater pump stations with 2 motor/pumps in each station. Earlier this year we purchased MELTRIC plugs/outlets for a 480 volt and a 240 volt pump station. We just finished installing the plugs at both stations as a pilot project. The Safety Dept. likes the MELTRIC plug/outlets and my manager wants me to install these in our 480 volt pump stations as soon as possible. The feedback that I have heard from the field crews, electrical engineers, management, electricians has been very positive. We used the auxiliary pins on the MELTRIC outlets to send a signal through our scada system that tells us when a pump in the field has been unplugged. This will prevent a pump station worker from leaving the station and forgetting to plug a pump in at the end of the day.

Electrical Supervisor, Large Municipal Public Utility


My company sells VFD’s into a vast variety of applications that include industrial, commercial and residential. We are seeing more automation applications where subassemblies that incorporate drives, motors and controls may need to be changed out quickly. I see the value in having a connector like this in those types of applications since they can reduce the number of switchgear components and minimize down time by eliminating the need for rewiring.

Compliance engineer, VFD company


You have a fantastic product. In my role as the chief electrician for our facility, with over (35) years as an industrial/heavy commercial electrician in the construction industry, I can see and visualize many uses for the product. Since its arrival I have shown and discussed it with engineers, line technicians, supervisors, our in-house people who design and build parts, pieces and whole production lines used at out facility, and others throughout North and Central America.

Facilities Electrical Technician, Automotive Systems Manufacturer

We installed the sample plug and it worked as promised. We are happy enough to have invested in more MELTRIC items and as time unfolds we will slowly continue to roll them out to all of our Miller welders. Our long-term goal is to replace approx. 150 male and female Hubbell plugs and receptacles with MELTRIC. By the way, without the sample it would have been difficult to sell your product to management.

Maintenance Electrician/Purchaser, Railcar Manufacturer

We love the MELTRIC devices. We have replaced several of your competitor devices with the MELTRIC units and will be replacing the rest in the next few months. By far a better and safer product than we were using.

Maintenance Manager, Powder Metal and Injection Molding Manufacturer

I really like the design of it. Besides all the safety codes it satisfies, it is easy to use. We will be purchasing more in the future!

Sr. Electrical Tech, Fan Manufacturer

We are working on having your product put into some of our safety standards. We all as a group love this device and are looking for every way possible to use it to make life easy and safe.

Master Electrician, Chemical Company

With the use of the product we save $100 a pop to have an electric pump hard wired in, they often need to be replaced once a year if not more. So by switching to a plug and receptacle it will pay for itself.

Environmental Compliance Specialist, Waste Management Company

MELTRIC has great products. I found these some time ago, and got them approved for use. MELTRIC products are safer with zero arc flash concerns. They have a smaller footprint than their competition and I feel are much easier for the end user.

Research Technologist, National Laboratory

I know that we've installed at least 100 of your switch rated plugs and receptacles so far. They've really helped a lot with the implementation of our Arc Flash program. I see us using many more in the future.

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Tool Component Manufacturer

Yes we did buy some plugs and receptacles, in fact we changed all of our welders over to them. This is
the best plug I have used for the welders.

We are planning on using more of these in our new facility. I am not sure what we are going to need yet
as our building is currently under construction. When we get in the new building I will figure out what we need and definitely order more. Again this is the absolute best plug I have ever used.

Engineer, Filtration System Manufacturer

We have equipped all of our welding department and as we create Mfg cells in our machine shop we are equipping all of our smaller equipment with your plugs - helps out with the regulatory end big time!

Maintenance Manager, Machinery Manufacturer

We do like these (Decontactors) a lot, as the time it takes to replace a motor or pump is cut by at least 80%.... we are very happy with your product so far.

Maintenance Technician, Fiberglass Manufacturer

We are a great believer in your product; we routinely use the plugs for motor disconnects on all new projects. We also encourage plants to retrofit where it makes sense.

Primarily I wanted the sample to show to our NFPA 70E implementation committee during discussions on lockout and arc hazards. We are beginning arc flash studies; as we move into arc flash minimization the product (Decontactors) will be helpful as well.

Sr. Process Engineer, Textile Manufacturing

...has purchased 8 complete sets and have installed them…..These plugs and receptacles have made an impression on maintenance because of the ease and reliability. Thank you.

Electrical leader, Large Chemical Manufacturing Plant we get time we will be shifting all our larger motors (greater that 10 HP) to these plugs with plugs installed on all spares for quick replacement. Motors of 5HP to 10HP will be done on a case by case basis. Thank You Very Much,

Electronic Technician, Manufacturer of Surgical Supplies

Yes we have purchased more MELTRIC Plugs & Receptacles; our welders are plugged in with MELTRIC 60A
Plugs and the 30A sample you gave me is being used as a compressor plug and receptacle. We love em!

Electrician, Filter Manufacturer

I was very pleased with the MELTRIC DSN Plug and Receptacle… With safety being a major focus in our facility, your product is surpassed by none.

Process Control & Implementation Technician, glass and ceramics manufacturing plant