2018 Product Catalog

20 DSN Series (pages 24-37) Choose DSN Series for its… u Compact, lightweight design u Automatic Type 4X/IP69k watertightness u High HP Ratings (up to 75 hp) Common Applications u Wet or washdown environments u Plug & play electrical connections DS Series (pages 38-55) Choose DS Series for its... u High amperage range (up to 200A) u Poly or metal casing materials (60A and above) u Larger conductor capacities Common Applications u Heavy industry u High amperage equipment DB Series (pages 56-69) Choose DB Series for its... u Robust, heavy duty construction Common Applications u Motors with frequent make and break requirements u Harsh environments u Dead front safety shutter u Optional auxiliary contacts u Silver-nickel contact material u Spring-loaded, butt-style contacts SELECTING THE RIGHT MELTRIC SWITCH-RATED PLUG & RECEPTACLE u UL & CSA switch-ratings u Short circuit closing and withstand protection (65kA to 100kA) All SWITCH-RATED devices (DSN, DS and DB) feature DECONTACTOR™ Technology: