2018 Product Catalog

2 MELTRIC Corporation The best in industrial wiring devices Product Technology & Safety The technology behind MELTRIC’s products was developed specifically to address the shortcomings and safety hazards common with pin & sleeve type plugs and receptacles. In 1952, following the observation of an accident with a pin and sleeve device, Gilles Marechal devised the concept of com- bining the advantages of silver-nickel butt contacts and the load making and breaking capabilities of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. Shortly thereafter, the first of these products was born. MELTRIC licensed this technology in the early 1980’s and has been supplying its products to North American customers ever since. Value With their unique features and capabilities, MELTRIC products provide users with a safer and more reliable product than competitive pin and sleeve devices. MELTRIC’s butt-style contacts provide longer operating lives, optional integral pilot contacts reduce the need for additional connectors and our switch-rated plugs and receptacles can eliminate the need for auxiliary interlocks and disconnect switches, helping users reduce equipment costs. These advantages, together with competitive pricing, short lead times, and 5-year warranty on electrical contacts, make MELTRIC’s products the best overall value in the plug & receptacle/connector market. At MELTRIC Corporation, our only business is electrical plugs and receptacles. We are focused on providing our customers with the best overall value by offering the safest, highest quality and most reliable plugs and receptacles, and by backing them with outstanding service and support.