2018 Product Catalog

16 SWITCH-RATED Plugs & Receptacles Switch and Hp Ratings MELTRIC Switch-Rated products are a combination plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device. Their integral switch technology ensures the safe breaking of resistive and inductive loads (up to 75 hp or 200A) before an operator can physically remove the plug from the receptacle. They are UL and CSA approved for both “branch circuit” and “motor circuit” disconnect switching, making them ideal for connecting motors, welding machines and virtually any other electrical equipment. Short Circuit Ratings MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles help ensure worker safety even in fault conditions. They are rated to close into and withstand short circuit currents of 65 kA to 100 kA. The protection far surpasses that offered by other plugs and receptacles, and even surpasses the short circuit protection offered by most manual motor controllers and mechanical interlocks. Pressing the pawl/button on the receptacle will safely switch off power to the load. The plug can then be withdrawn in complete safety. (Cutaway model shown for illustration purposes) Like most MELTRIC products, Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles feature (see pgs 6-8) u Spring-loaded butt contacts u Silver-nickel contact materials u Dead front design u Enclosed arc chambers u Spring-assisted terminals u Auxiliary contacts MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles have additional features, including: u UL & CSA switch-ratings u Horsepower ratings u Short circuit ratings up to 100 kA in fuse protected circuits DECONTACTOR TM Technology THE MAIN DIFFERENCES = + To match the functionality of a Switch-Rated device, it would take a pin and sleeve plug plus a non-fused safety switch.