MELTRIC Photo Contest

July/August 2016 Winner

Congratulations to Greg Lloyd with Meglio-ESI Group!

Congratulations on winning the photo contest to Greg Lloyd, a Meltric sales representative with Meglio-ESI. Greg submitted a photo of DSN Series devices taken at a steak packaging facility in Kansas City, KS. The switch-rated DSN plugs and receptacles are used in a wash down environment at a beef packing facility where they take the beef carcasses and trim them down into primal cuts and package them and send them out to distribution. The DSN's are used in various parts of the process where the device’s ‘automatic 4X watertightness’ feature is beneficial including antimicrobial spraying through the trimming down of the beef and the final step of vacuum sealing.

For best practice tips on installing a DSN in washdown environments please click here.

KC Steak DSN washdown plugs

May/June 2016 Winner

Congratulations to Dave Reeb with Martin Electrical Sales in St. Louis, MO!

David submitted photos of a custom installation sold to the Shakespeare Grove section in Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a permanent stage created for Shakespeare in the Park festivals and shows the range in which MELTRIC plugs and receptacles can be used through a variety of markets. This custom installation was designed by Tao & Associates in St. Louis and was installed by Kaiser Electric. This custom panel provides power to the stage for lighting and sound.

meltric power systems

meltric power systems

meltric power systems

March/April 2016 Winner

Congratulations to David Allen with Agents North in Eagle River, AK!

David submitted photos from Puffin Electric on an ocean dock system located in Hoonah, Alaska. This floating dock will be installed and used in the summer months but when strong winter winds kick up they pull out the dock from the ocean. They were going to hardwire stainless steel disconnects and really did not want to change the design they had in place. David convinced the customer that they did not have to change much of their design. All they had to do was install MELTRIC at the main panel feed and at the crane so each place would have a disconnect.

The owner liked the safety advantages and ease of moving equipment with less than experienced personal and that different voltages could not be cross connected. The crane and main power was installed with the new DSN150, lighting was connected with the DSN30 and all of the motors have DSN60s. Puffin Electric told David they are 100% hooked on MELTRIC and said on all future projects they will look for applications that can be designed around MELTRIC’s switch-rated plugs and receptacles.

switch-rated plugs for docking system

switch-rated dsn150 plug

push button disconnect

January/February 2016 Winner

Congratulations to Nick Sarakatsannis with GES Goldschmidt, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Nick submitted a photo of portable equipment connections at a craft sausage plant. MELTRIC provided a free DSN20 sample to the maintenance manager who installed the unit and loved it. The 480 volt connector feeds a sausage pump and the 250 volt connector is feeding a sausage stuffing machine -in the background you can see stuffed casings. They recently built a new addition and going forward are going to use nothing but MELTRIC connectors because competitor’s connectors just didn't hold up. By the way, the customer makes the official Bratwurst and Mettwurst for the Cincinnati Reds.

For best practice tips on installing a DSN in washdown environments please click here.

Queen City Sausage uses MELTRIC switch-rated plugs

November/December 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Joe Wright of IPro Sales in Denver, Colorado!

Joe submitted photos from a power plant rooftop turbine deck conversion where switch-rated plugs and receptacles were used to simplify electrical work. As is sometimes the case for this type of work, the top of the building must be removed to allow servicing of the turbine. On the top of building #2, they have (2) 125 hp and (2) 40 hp motors with pressure sensors and control wiring. Previously, it would take two electricians a full day to disconnect everything to get ready for removal. Now with MELTRIC installed, it takes one person only 30 minutes. The great thing is that they have five more conversions to do at this plant and several other plants in Colorado to convert in the future.

View a digital flyer that explains turbine applications in detail. Plugs & Receptacles for Gas Turbines

MELTRIC and Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy uses MELTRIC plugs

Disconnect Box with MELTRIC at Xcel Energy

October 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Steve Hoge of Renmark in Pennsylvania!

Steve submitted photos from a test installation of a sand pump motor at a water treatment facility in Sharon, PA. DSN30 provides safety, reduces down time, and no longer requires an electrician to be present for motor replacement. The change-out becomes a mechanical function instead of an electrical and mechanical function. Six motors and three pre-wired spare motors are now connected via MELTRIC motor plugs. Click here to see more wastewater solutions.


water treatment uses MELTRIC plugs

September 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Roger Gilbert of Rep Tech Controls in Oklahoma!

Roger submitted photos from a chicken processing plant in Oklahoma. This facility processes chicken for a major fast food chain and other customers. They have two working shifts and a third wash down shift. Switch-ratings and automatic Type 4X watertightness were the main reason why DSN plugs and receptacles were chosen for their cord drop connections. For best practice tips on installing a DSN in washdown environments please click here.

chicken processing facility uses MELTRIC plugs

food processing facility uses MELTRIC plugs

food processing uses MELTRIC plugs for washdown

August 2015 Winner

Congratulations to John Parkhurst of Carmody Company, Inc. in Seattle, Washington!

John submitted photos from a seafood processing plant located in Bellingham, WA; which has retrofitted over 100 fish saws in their local plant to DSN20’s to ensure worker safety by mitigating arc flash potential in their cord drops. Portable equipment is constantly moved from one location to another within the facility to accommodate different fish species being processed for individual resale. One of the pictures entered is cod fillets being processed and individually packaged for a wholesaler. Originally twist locks were being used, but water issues and worker safety concerns caused them to retrofit to MELTRIC.

decontactor cord drops at fish factory

dsn20 decontactor of fish saws

July 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Mike Cuddy of Renmark (Renaissance Electrical Marketing, Inc) in Pittsburgh, PA!

Mike submitted photos of DSN Series plugs and receptacles that are used by a large manufacturer of medium voltage drives. DSN devices are used on test stations and mobile test carts throughout the facility. Originally 480V twist type plugs were used but safety considerations caused the manufacturer to retrofit to MELTRIC. They are now specifying MELTRIC for all new test station rebuilds/upgrades.

Mobile Test Carts

Seimens Medium Voltage drive before MELTRIC


Seimens voltage drive with MELTRIC decontactor


Seimens and MELTRIC voltage drives


Test Bays

Seimens Medium Voltage drive before MELTRIC


Seimens voltage drive with MELTRIC decontactor


Seimens and MELTRIC voltage drives


June 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Bob Mitchell at Bob Mitchell Sales, Inc. in Lamoni, Iowa!

Bob won the photo contest for June because he submitted several photos of MELTRIC DSN Series plugs and receptacles that are being used in a Nebraska pet food manufacturer. Our DSN Series plugs and receptacles were on disconnect switches and cord drops that connect to conveyors, feeders and other portable equipment.

May 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Jeff Cleveland at CSA Electrical Sales, Inc. in Lake Mary, FL!

Jeff submitted several photos of MELTRIC DSN Series plugs and receptacles keeping PGA fans cool at The Players Championship Golf Tournament. MELTRIC is used by an OEM to connect power to their cold air benches. These are the same benches used by NFL teams. Additional business is expected when the OEM converts from using MELTRIC on their homemade electrical panels to MELTRIC’s 2-tier rubber power distribution boxes.

arz and meltric distribution panesls

cool air benches with meltric plugs

CSA Electrical works with MELTRIC Corporation

April 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Bryan Stephans at Bunell & Associates in Winneconne, WI!

Bryan submitted two excellent photos of MELTRIC PN7 series plugs and receptacles being used to operate a linear actuator at a cheese processing facility. Bryan explained that in the photos there is essentially a gear that spins the cheese 180 degrees. This is to drain the cheese both top and bottom and is done each day for a few days. Cheese is also flipped daily during the blueing process for weeks. Imagine having to do this by hand, without the actuator and MELTRIC!




March 2015 Winner

Congratulations to Robert Matthews at McLoughlan Supplies in Newfoundland, Canada!

Robert submitted 8 photos showing MELTRIC DS and DSN switch-rated plugs and receptacles used to connect welding machines and other equipment during the construction of an offshore oil rig.

Decontactor on Oil Rig

Switch-rated plugs on oil rig

dsn for heavy washdown environments

Decontactor on Oil Rig

Switch-rated plugs on oil rig

dsn for heavy washdown environments

July 2012 Winner

Congratulations to Joe Thisted Jr. from the JR Thisted Co. in VA!

Joe submitted four photos of a shore power application for a new all-electric yard locomotive to be run completely on batteries. MELTRIC Decontactors are used for battery charging connections. The original setup utilized DS60 devices with pilot contacts, but a new design is coming out that utilizes 200A DS plugs and receptacles. PN-7 devices will also be used to daisy chain between the battery packs.

Shore power locomotive

shore power locomotive

June 2012 Winner

Congratulations to Brian Keuler from Werner Electric in Janesville, WI!

Brian submitted 8 photos of a food processing plant that uses DSN Decontactor plugs and receptacles throughout their facility. DSN’s are ideal for heavy washdown environments because they offer automatic NEMA 4X watertightness as soon as the inlet and receptacle are mated. And the solid
silver-nickel contacts withstand wet and corrosive environments.

dsn for heavy washdown environments

dsn for heavy washdown environments

dsn for heavy washdown environments

May 2012 Winner

Congratulations to Dave Reeb from Martin Electrical Sales Inc. in Missouri!

Dave submitted 3 photos of a manufacturing facility that is replacing their existing receptacle/disconnect combinations with Decontactor plugs and receptacles. Decontactors help them ensure worker safety and simplify NFPA 70E code compliance while enabling quick connect and disconnect of equipment. The facility has installed DSN60’s in eight welding cells with more to follow.

receptacle disconnect combination


receptacle disconnect combination


receptacle disconnect combination


April 2012 Winner

Congratulations to Kenrick Womack from Bunell & Associates in Wisconsin!

Kenrick submitted 4 application photos of a DSN60 installation at a wastewater lift station in WI. The technician that performs pump change-outs loves the Decontactor plugs and receptacles because they save hours of labor every time he has to change out a pump. The city is slowly retrofitting all lift stations in their system.

wastewater MELTRIC

waster treatment plant in Beloit WI

wastewater MELTRIC

March 2012 Winner

Congratulations to Glen Sanders from GES Goldschmidt Inc. in Kentucky!

Glen submitted 8 photos of a floating aspirator application at a wastewater treatment plant in Kentucky. In total there are 12 floating aspirators that are connected via MELTRIC DSN60s at the aspirator motor and at the power stand.

wastewater MELTRIC DSN

wastewater MELTRIC

Taylorsville Wastewater treatment plant

February 2012 Winner

Congratulations Bryan Stephans from Bunell & Associates!

Bryan submitted 15 photos from a test lab facility that uses MELTRIC Decontactors on mixers, drums, kilns, and pumps. Aux contacts are used to monitor if a motor is powered on and working properly.

dryer receptacle connection

kiln receptacle connection

pump receptacle connection