MELTRIC Photo Contest

Contest Description

photo contest

MELTRIC will award a $200 Amazon gift card to whoever submits
the best application photo(s). All MELTRIC sales representatives, distributors, and customers are encouraged to enter early and often! To enter send an email with photos attached to


  1. Submitted photos become property of MELTRIC and may be used by MELTRIC in promotional materials.
  2. A brief description of the application with customer name and location is required to win.
  3. Contest winners will be chosen by the subjective opinion of members of the MELTRIC marketing group.
  4. MELTRIC employees are not eligible to win.
  5. Gift cards will be sent via email to the winners.
  6. Winning entries will be displayed on the website each month.

Winning tips:

  1. The more photos you submit the better your chance to win. Take multiple shots of each application and send them all in to increase your chance of winning. A combination of close up and far away shots are preferred.
  2. Actions shots with equipment and/or workers in the background are preferred.
  3. Higher resolution photos are strongly preferred over lower resolution ones.

Good Photo Examples

welder with ds decontactor

Good Action Photo

decontactor on conveyors

Shows Application Well

Bad Photo Examples

bad photo

Doesn't Show Application

bad photo