Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles

NOTE: The DB product line is being phased out in Q3 2019. Please consider alternative DSN and DS models.

MELTRIC DSN Industrial Plug and Receptacle


  • 20A to 150A
  • Max 75hp
  • Type 4X, IP69k*
  • Low Cost, Compact

The popular DSN Series plugs and receptacles are ideal for connecting motors, welders and other equipment in most environments including washdown.


MELTRIC DS 480V plug and receptacle


  • 20A to 200A*
  • Max 100hp
  • Type 3R (4X option)
  • Poly or Metal Casing

The versatile DS Series plugs and receptacles offer the highest amperage range. Most models are available in metal or Poly material.


MELTRIC Motor Plug and Receptacle


  • 30A to 100A
  • Max 60 hp
  • IP67
  • Metal Casing

The rugged DB Series plugs and receptacles can easily handle motor loads up to 60 hp. Their metal casings and IP67 rating provide protection in harsh environments.