Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles

MELTRIC DSN Industrial Plug and Receptacle


  • 20A to 150A
  • Max 75hp
  • Type 4X, IP69k*
  • Low Cost, Compact

The popular DSN Series plugs and receptacles are ideal for connecting motors, welders and other equipment in most environments including washdown.


MELTRIC DS 480V plug and receptacle


  • 20A to 200A
  • Max 25hp
  • Type 3R (4X option)
  • Poly or Metal Casing

The versatile DS Series plugs and receptacles offer the highest amperage range. Most models are available in metal or Poly material.

MELTRIC Motor Plug and Receptacle


  • 30A to 100A
  • Max 60 hp
  • IP67
  • Metal Casing

The rugged DB Series plugs and receptacles can easily handle motor loads up to 60 hp. Their metal casings and IP67 rating provide protection in harsh environments.

MELTRIC Decontactor Sample